Pipe & Equipment Insulation

Pipe & equipment insulation Northern Alberta's climate varies greatly. Insulating pipe helps to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. By insulating pipe, you reduce maintenance costs as well as offer protection of the pipe and the material. Insulating pipe also offers:

  • Reduction in pipe freezing & extreme temperatures
  • Preventing heat loss
  • Maintaining operational temperatures
  • Personnel protection
  • Reduced wear and tear on equipment
  • Noise reduction



utilidoors, barrel docks, shacks and more Utilidoor panels can be used for buildings, wall plugs, roof plugs, barrel docks, pump enclosures, boxes and pipe enclosures.

  • Lightweight panels that have a high bearing capacity
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Low thermal conductivity helps prevent heat loss
  • Resistant to decomposition, exposure to varying weather conditions and changes in temperature


Removable covers & blankets

removable covers & blankets We supply and install removable valve and flange covers. These removable blankets provide reusable, flexible insulation enclosures designed to fit over equipment, valves or flanges which require periodic inspection or maintenance. They also:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Can be removed & installed with no special tools
  • Provide excellent cold weather protection
  • Provide personnel protection
  • Help in energy conservation


Tracer wrap

tracer wrap Tracer wrap is an insulation system that applies easily and quickly. It requires no special tools or skills. Its applications include, but are not lilmited to, instrumentation lines, glycol tubing and also electical lines in close proximity to high temperature systems. Benefits include:

  • Withstands high temperature
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Provides a weather resistant finish
  • Remains flexible in all weather conditions


Asbestos removal & maintenance

Asbestos removal & maintenance Asbestos is commonly found in pipe insulation, floor tiles, wall and ceiling panels, sealants and tapes used in the oilfield industry from about 1985 and prior. We offer glove bag removals, full enclosure removal, inspection & maintenance of asbestos material in place without removal. We also take asbestos samples and have them analyzed. If you have any questions in regards to asbestos management, call us at 780-513-1335.


Glycol Tubing

glycol tubing Glycol tubing systems use a closed loop circulation system to transfer heat to piping and equipment placed under insulation. The system uses a stainless steel tube that lines the pipe to protect from freezing or temperature loss in extreme weather.


Building repairs, roof removal & installation

building repairs and roof removal Our team can help you keep your operation running efficiently by performing building repairs that cause heat loss or repair weather damage. We can help with:

  • Roof removal to assist in removal of compressor engines
  • Creating removable roof sections
  • Installing magnetic door stops


Inspection/entry ports

ut ports and inspection ports Inspection ports allow safe and easy access to pipe without the need to remove insulation or cladding. They are installed on the outer side of the aluminum cladding that covers insulation on pipe, vessels, tanks or other equipment. Once accessed, inspectors can then easily perform their tests and monitor for corrosion.